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Taste Buds Cookery Classes for children

Taste Buds Cookery Classes offer children from the age of two, the chance to explore the world of food and learn how to cook fresh food, and after every session they get to take home something to eat that they have prepared themselves.

Children are naturally inquisitive and the classes are a fabulous way to allow them to play, try, test, taste and cook in a group and without having any tidying up to do in your own kitchen!

Why choose taste buds?

Taste Buds Cookery Classes believe children are never too young to learn from exploration with healthy food ingredients and to learn about how to prepare healthy recipes, and the benefits that has for our bodies. Healthy eating and nutrition is such an important issue in today’s society, and our sessions are a great way to make healthy eating part of the diet from a very early age.

Allergy information

Taste Buds Cookery Classes can cater for special dietary needs and issues, but please let us know if there is anything we need to be aware of at least 48 hours before your lesson or party so that appropriate ingredients can be prepared.